जहाँ मेरे देश को अनेकता में एकता का सबसे बड़ा उदाहरण माना जाता है,

जहाँ मंदिर के सामने फूल बेचने वाली एक बूड़ी अम्मा मुसलमान है,

जहाँ मसजिद बनते वक़्त न जाने कितनी ईंट हिंदू मजदूरो ने रखि होगी,

जहाँ गंगा, जमुना, सरस्वती तीनो एक साथ बहती है उसका नाम आल्हा का शहर अल्हाबाद हो गया।

पर इन सिहासियों को चैन कहाँ,

सालों पहले देश को तोड़ा,

और अब अल्हाबाद को प्रयागराज बना कर फिर एक बार हम लोगों की एकता पर वार किया।


I consider myself the luckiest to be the part of the country like India. It is the landscape which time and again make me realize the concepts of tolerance, brotherhood, integrity and most importantly unity in diversity. When I observe an aged muslim amma (lady) selling flowers outside a temple, when I observe a Hindu labour putting toil into making mosque, when I observe my papa going to his friend’s place to celebrate Diwali and uncle visiting our place to celebrate Eid with the same enthusiasm. Yes! I have seen a place named Allahbad (Allah’s city) where the three pious rivers Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati meets, the place which is considered to be the most important place for offerings and KUMBH MELA and highlighting the irony I would quote ‘it can only be India where we merge our different belief in the colour of unity’.

But these politician in order to enhance their benifits or rather I should say their vote bank changes these names on a very random basis. YOGI GOVT. HAS CHANGED ALLAHBAD AN AGE OLD NAME TO PRAYAGRAJ JUST TO DIVIDE US AND RULE US!



Imagine to be taken into a dingy room, in a dark decrepit building. Imagine being pinned down on the floor. Imagine your underwear being taken off. Imagine seeing a knife being heated on the gas stove. Imagine a same knife slicing your clitoris. Imagine a minor girl suffering from this kind of myth of the society.”
The inhuman practice of FGM refers to all non-therapeutic procedures that involve the total or partial removal of external female genitalia, also this is known as KHAFZ. This inhumane practice of FGM is practices in Shia Dawodi Bohra community. This practice is done on the minor girls without their consent and knowledge on this.

There is a lot of importance of human rights in this 21st century according to which these kinds of barbaric practices must be ban as it is the clear-cut violation of Article 14 (equality before law), Article 19 (freedom of speech and expression), and Article 21 (Right to personal liberty) of the Constitution of India.

This custom is still prevalent in the society because of the following myth:

1. People believe that this is given in Quran (holy book of Islam) but it is not so, it is only there in Haddis (a book written by any religious person)

2. This practice may prevent a women to have an extra – marital affair and this helps maintain loyalty towards her legally wedded husband but these orthodox doesn’t understands that a women make decisions not from their private parts but by their brains.

3. Most of the males in Dawodi Bohra Community are there in Arab Countries like Kuwait and had to spent years living apart from their wives for the main reason being the earnings, so consequently to limit the sex drive of a wife this kind of practice is conducted.

4. This is just a religious obligation and not scientifically proven.

Since this practice is done on minor girls of the said community, they do not have any say in this and are not even aware of the fact that this can be so dangerous which may lead to the death of a kid or may face problems during pregnancy and many more physical and physiological consequences.

This practice is mainly done secretly by the midwives called dimas in India.

Politician have refused to take steps against it because they do not find any official reports against it. The reason behind no complains by the women of Dowadi Bohra Community are various social pressures and they are overburdened with the above myths.

The spiritual leader clearly urge in his speeches from time to time to indulge in these kinds of practices.

Reminding all the readers women are also human and they deserved to be protected against this inhuman act.

Thus, i would end up advising my countrymen to drop the word tolerance and replace it with acceptance. Don’t be afraid. We live in a free country, where all of us have equal rights.